Friday, November 05, 2010


MEANTIME on the dark side: Radical Left girding its loins to destroy the New Dawning of America. Luckily, the Senate Dems have 20 seats up for re-election in 2012 (GOP only 10) and are thus vulnerable losing the Senate, too, next time around and MAY thus hesitate to vote along with the radical views that will appear in the coming Lame Duck sessions in an effort to embed Obama policies so that they cannot be easily removed.
Also, not even listening. let alone hearing the voice of the people. Obama has plans in motion to by pass Congress and implement his radical ideas via regulatory decrees and Executive Orders. For instance to put his Cap & Trade and Global Warming into action via the Environmental Protection
Agency regulations that will be writtenand imposed.

Corrupt, tax evading Congressman Rangel, facing ethics violation hearings, has submitted a Bill in the House to fund and give Obama his Million person Civilian Security Force - armed and funded on the level of our total military forces - so that when the moment comes to implement the Cloward Pivens - overwhelm and destroy everything, specially churches and all places where the populace can find spiritual  or physical support - including burning neighborhoods to the ground - he will have the manpower to do it.

And the America haters/thugs like ACORN, the militant Unions,  militant Black groups like the Black Panthers, the radical, activist Moslem groups like the Moslem Brotherhood and their off shoots like CAIR, scaring the relatively less violent Moslems to tacitly support their jihadi violence, will combine to man this Civilian Force and begin ruthless suppression of Americans. As takes place in countries like Islamic Iran.

ALSO MEANWHILE, the huge hole in American financial assets Obama has dug for us, projections show a possible steady CRASH of the Dollar with an almost immediate 10% drop in value within the coming week, then another 10% -25% further devaluation by the following weekend and further drops in value as the Stock Market also crashes and trading is suspended.

Will the New Dawn survive the darkness of evil being thrown at it by Oba-Hussein and the Democrats?

We can - must - try!

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