Saturday, September 11, 2010


Just like the affront to America of insisting on an Islamic  Ground Zero monument-mosque to the 9/11 tragedy, Islamic jihad and sharia law is angering awakening Western cultures, which unlike the Islamic revenge reprisals which end in bloodshed and killing infidels, non-Moslem protest in the West is a symbolic protest. So far.

Not a governmental book burning like Hitler's regime did but by individuals who are tired of being threatened, brow-beaten and coerced into acomodating the slightest whims of Islamists, who give nothing in return except a mealy-mouthed "we'll let you live for kissing our feet and being good dhimmi slaveys".

Obama's increasingly brazen creation of a privileged class - Moslems, radical or otherwise - in America, using the might of his Department of Injustice and Presidential clout, makes matter worse. Specially when he uses hypocritical platitudes to ustify giving Mosxlems rights that Christians do not ennjoy

When has Eric Holder ever sued anyone for burning a Christian Bible of OFFENDING American Christians? Or has Obama protested the burning of churches and their congregations inside them? On the contrary, as a Senator, Obama went and campaigned for his cousin Odinga in Kenya as Odinga's men did exactly that. Burn churches with Christians screaming in pain inside the conflagration as they died.

But speak out against a mosque and Oba-Hussein comes at you like a ton of bricks. Though he may throw these a few at a time to avoid showing his hand. HIs blatant bias for his own religion, Islam, is now beyond question.

BTW, the f**k Islam video is from Moslem Albania but posted by Marxist atheists who also have difficulties with the imposition of sharia law inside the country.

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