Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Old "Mossyface" as many called Mossadegh, always pretended to be ill and even received foreign dignitaries when he was Prime Minister lying on an army cot or wrapped in a military blanket.

In the video below, he drags his "ill" persona into court for his trial, the poor little victim. Then forgets his role and jumps up and down gesticulating in excitement.

He was sentenced by the Shah's courts to only THREE years in prison for plotting the overthrow of the legal monarchy, whereas those who now rule have been executing (hanging) someone convicted of having had an alcoholic drink THREE TIMES.

The first time he gets a warning and perhaps some prison time, the second time about 80 lashes and the third time he/she HANGS by the neck till dead.

As interesting is the absolutely false claim by Mossy's supporters of Mossy having a nationalistic "democracy" in mind.

To the contrary, he brooked no argument nor advice from anyone and was an absolute dictator in running his government by virtual decree.

An example of this was when one of the Farmanfarmaian family (of the pre-Pahlavi, Qajar dynasty) suggested that he follow the example of another country which was making huge profits from the way it handled its oil.

Instead of listening, the nhighly irritable, incensed Prime Minister considered the advice as critcism, threw the man out of his office and later ordered his arrest!

Hearing of this, the member of the prominent family ran to the Shah and asked for a passport with which to leave the country before Mossy caused him grievous harm.

The next day, on the monarch's orders, a military Colonel brought a passport and escorted the man to the airport and ensured his safe passage out of the country.

Bad, bad, Shah! Poor, kind, democratic, nationalist Mossy! What nonsense.

Mossy was about to hand Iran and its oil to the Soviet domination and a path to warm waters for their navy and the USA and the West removed him before he could achieve his aims and rescued Iran from total Soviet domination.

So it was again the bad, bad Shah! Had the West not restored him to the throne, history would have been very different for Western interests and the well being of Iran's populace (minus the pro-Soviet . Communist Tudeh party), who continued to plot the overthrow of the government on behalf of the Soviets and ended up in prison.

Had idiot Carter, considered by more than you might know, as a Soviet mole, not again destabilized the Shah, we would not be facing ANY of the Islamic problems that threaten us today and might even end up destroying us.

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