Thursday, January 11, 2007


Reports emanating from Iran on Wednesday indicate a huge explosion - reportedly NUCLEAR - from the Kerman area at the edge of the Kavir Lut (major desert).

I waited to get confirmation of the event that was felt a 100 kilometers away but apart from on the ground phone reports, the local Islamic Iranian news media reported that an UFO had crashed and blown up to explain the incident.

The explosion took place at what would be the Islamic Regime's testing ground for an atomic weapon.

In any event, something huge happened, so far nobody has made any official comment.

Was it the Islamic Regime trying to copy North Korea and announce itself a nuclear power? Was it a test gone wrong? Was it a dress rehearsal or was it a single shot warning from the West that the regime was crossing the line?

Lots of questions but no good answers yet.

Again. Something huge happened.

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